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Please read if you wish to participate within activities or submitting within the group.

This is a fan club created for the anime/manga series 'D.Gray-Man'; Created by Katsura Hoshino.

:bulletblack: To submit art you have to be a member.
:bulletblue: Please submit art to the correct folders.
:bulletblack: We will deny art that is to revealing/Hentai/Nude art. [because of younger people in the group and we wish not to see it]
:bulletblue:This is a fanclub. So don't submit any original artworks please, unless edited in some way.
:bulletblack: Due to some members submitting large amounts of work all at once, we have implemented a FIVE (5) DEVIATION SUBMISSION PER WEEK rule.
:bulletblue: Please do not submit your own work into the favorites. The Favorites is a place to suggest art that you really enjoy, but not a place to get more views, favorites, and comments on your own work.
:bulletblack: We no longer accept base-made artworks.
:bulletblue: Small note regarding WIP (work in progress) submissions. We do accept them, since we want to promote artists helping each other out, but please do so without taking a screenshot that includes the entire art program interface. If you finished the picture, please remove the WIP from the gallery. Thank you very much.
The folders are:
This folder is for featured works ONLY. This will include winning entries to contests, and other such important art.
:bulletgreen:The Black Order:bulletgreen:
This folder is for all Akuma-fighting members of the order wielding an Anti-Akuma weapon, as well as members of the Black Order and Allies. This is for characters Hoshino Katsura has created, OCs do not belong in here.
This folder is for all Noah and/or Akuma/people involved with the Earl. This is for Characters Hoshino Katsura has created, OCs do not belong in here.
:bulletgreen:Straight Pairings/couples:bulletgreen:
This folder is for pairings and couple pictures only, straight pairings only, and does include CanonOC/OCcanon
:bulletgreen:Shonen ai - Shojo ai - Yaoi - Yuri:bulletgreen:
This folder is for all shonen-ai, shojo-ai, yaoi and yuri pairings + canonOC/OCcanon.
This folder is for every live photographed piece of fan-based art. Cosplay, costumes, ect.
This folder is for all art that follows some sort of comic/manga type thing. Strips, manga, oneshots.
This folder is for all fanfiction
This folder is for all of your original D.Gray-Man characters. Please don't post them anywhere else, unless they're paired with someone else. Only submit OC picture where it clearly visible that they have something to do with D.Gray-man. Read… for more information.
:bulletgreen:Manga Coloring -- Original Hoshino based art:bulletgreen:
This folder is for anything that uses material from the anime or manga, and includes demotivationals, manga coloring, stamps, collages and any other art that uses art that YOU did not draw, but is Official art.
:bulletgreen:Current Contest:bulletgreen:
This folder if for all Current contest entries.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Either comment on this main page, or send a note to this group (Please do not contact admins/contributors on their own personal deviantART pages), and someone will get back to you as fast as we can. :)

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There's this one topic that over the past few months has been brought to my attention in an increasing amount of times. What seems like a simple thing has been the topic of heavy debate, between two sides. Sometimes civilized, sometime flat-out rude.
That question concerns the "unauthorized use of fanart."

What does that mean? It means that someone browsing the internet finds a very nice image of their favourite character/series/OTP/anything.
  • They save it on their computer only to upload it on photobucket/tumblr/idkwhat later, often without source.
  • They think something's not quite right about the image and start adding filters, editing colours, add text, or remove the background all together, and what not, and use it for graphics.... or upload it on the internet for others to make graphics with
  • They think that said pose is something they want for their next picture and turn it into a base, or draw on the picture itself, leaving certain parts intact (see editing).
  • ....
All without the original artist's knowledge. (this is important)

The reason that I write this journal is because I'm interested in what you think of all this. The following few paragraphs are my own view on the matter. I feel like, as an artist, I can vouch for how I would feel if the above happened to my art. But feel free to open discussion in the comments below. Some topics to discuss:
  • "It's the internet, I can do what I want?"
  • "If it's on the internet, it means that everyone can use it."
  • "I don't understand the language, so I'm not going to ask and just use it. It'll be fine if I source it."
  • "I can use this picture as a base. It'll be fine if I source it."
  • "I made a render of this picture. It'll be fine if I source it."
  • "I found this picture on google, so it's fine to use."
  • "If I use their art, I show them that I like it. So it's fine."
  • "Everone's doing it, so why can't I?"

  • ....

My Point of View (aka the reason this whole journal is probably very biased)

I don't think it's much of a secret what I think of this. Unauthorized use of fanart is a bit "NO" in my book. Why? Artists often spend hours trying to perfect their work. For days, their free time is spent creating the work that you came to love so much. It starts as an idea and slowly gets its final form to hours and hours of work. I know form experience how frustrating it can get to a pose just right, or the colour scheme, or this one tiny element in the background. When you see someone take your art without your permission or knowledge, it feels like they got away with a free cookie. All your hard work is used by someone else and you don't even get the credit for it.
Not to mention in as a more extreme example, and trust me, it does happen. Let's say that a certain fanart gets uploaded somewhere on the internet, unsourced. Someone (can be a person or company) finds that image and thinks "that's nice, let's print it on stuff to sell." That way the company makes money while the original artist doesn't even see a single cent for the work they created. How's that fair?

It doesn't take that much effort a) trace back an image to its source, b) to check the artists account to see if they allow reproduction of their work and c) to note or email an artist to ask if it's not clear. In addition, many social networks already have a line of permission regarding reposting (reproduction) in their terms of use/rules:


Article 13. Prohibited Acts

The acts described below are prohibited on this service.
When user conducts prohibited acts, we may terminate or suspend their membership, delete part or all of the image data from the account or change the user's published limitation.

The user must solve at user's responsibility and expense when the user behaves in a defamatory manner, violates privacy right, discloses third party's information without permission or violates copyright laws. We assume no responsibility.
[...] Reprinting of image data from this site without the creator's permission.

You may not reproduce, distribute, publicly display or perform, or prepare derivative works based on any of the Content including any such works without the express, written consent of deviantART or the appropriate owner of copyright in such works.
Often artists already have somewhere on their user profile (sometimes on the art page themselves) a line regarding reposting or using their art.

One example in Japanese:
絵の無断転載、使用、切り抜きなどご遠慮ください。 (Google translate tells you exactly what it says)
If people link to their tumblr, it means they want you to reblog from their tumblr, not repost it.

In addition, it also shows a blatant lack of respect to the original creator to just run off with their work and edit it to your heart's content.
Don't be rude, source~!

In addition, as I said, it's not hard to find the source. SauceNao  is exceptionally good for Pixiv works and google reverse image search for everything else.,
There are plenty of blogs out there which list artists which allow reposting of their art, or can help you with writing messages in their native language. Often artists are really charmed when you go out of your way to ask them if you can use their art, even if they don't give you the green light.
Also, here's a search tutorial.

Valid Sources:
  • Deviantart (image page/user name)
  • Pixiv (image page/user ID)
  • Tumblr page of creator
  • Facebook page of creator
  • ...
Non-valid sources:
  • Zerochan
  • We Heart It
  • google
  • danbooru
  • Facebook
  • ....

But what about official art?
Isn't that copyright infringement too if I use it?
The use of official art is fine as long as you don't make any form of profit of your work. To quote Berselium (tumblr):
[...]official material is free for use as long as you’re not making a profit on it because they already have made profits from it from the magazines and books they publish.
But what when I see examples of reposted fanart?
You can always leave a comment on said work (including the original source, so that you have evidence backing you up) asking if they'd kindly take their work down or provide some form of evidence that they have permission. This is mostly for art posted on tumblr, but works just the same for deviantart. In my opinion, dA is not a fancy photobucket and shouldn't serve as such.
More Journal Entries


If you have any questions or inquires about our group, please ask the Founder or Co-Founders. Thank you~











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